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Beukenhorst Classic

A full-bodied medium roasted 100% arabica blend. The Classic blend is slow roasted in a traditional drum roaster according to the traditional 'slow roasting' method. This allows you to taste the best flavors from our coffee. This classic is suitable for every moment of the day!

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Beukenhorst classic

Ideal for catering, office or work environments

A true classic

Our Beukenhorst Classic is a refined, balanced blend consisting of 100% Arabica beans. For the Beukenhorst Classic blend, a maximum of five Arabica varieties are used, so that you can optimally taste each variety in your cup of Classic coffee. Our Classic is roasted in the traditional way with care and attention, so that your cup of coffee has a constant quality.

A comprehensive concept

The Beukenhorst Classic concept consists of elegant tableware and matching milk cups and sugar sticks that match the convivial atmosphere of our Classic. In addition, the Classic dispensers and storage tins allow you to store your coffee beans, milk cups and sugar sticks in a stylish way.

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Our advisors are at your service

Do you have a question about Beukenhorst Coffee or would you like to get in touch with one of our coffee specialists? Beukenhorst will provide a full-service solution so that you can taste the flavor of really good coffee.