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Beukenhorst offers you a choice of three different coffee concepts: Beukenhorst Classic, Sento Rainforest Alliance and Mondrian Espresso. All three are Arabica blends, but differ in character and taste. Each brand has its own look through its unique tableware and matching accessories. Read more about our blends below.

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Slow Roasted Arabica


The Classic is a real all-rounder and its subtle notes make it perfect for a flavorful cup of coffee or a tasty espresso.
A flavorful blend with 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee. With subtle notes of citrus, this blend has a fresh yet pleasant acidity
A 100% Arabica blend with power! Nevertheless, a real drinker and perfect for the catering industry, office or home.
Flavours Dried fruit, caramel, dark chocolate
Flavours Dried fruit, caramel, dark chocolate and citrus fruits
Flavours Caramel, red fruits and hazelnut
Bean type 100% Arabica
Bean type 100% Arabica
Bean type 100% Arabica
Origin Central and South America
Origin Central and South America
Origin Central and South America
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Where does coffee come from?

Coffee beans are berry fruits and grow on bushes in tropical regions. The coffee beans themselves are "wrapped" (two pieces) in a green husk. After the coffee berries are picked, the skin is removed and the two beans remain. These are dried on the ground in the sun. These raw coffee beans are also green in color. The coffee bean takes on its characteristic brown coffee color only after it is roasted.

Types of coffee beans

The coffee most commonly grown and used are the main varieties of Arabica and Robusta. The difference between the two varieties is in the taste and caffeine content. Arabica beans are milder and more refined in flavor, have a more complex structure and contain over 60% less caffeine than Robusta beans. Robusta is therefore spicier, contains more oils and is simpler in texture.


Grow, produce and enjoy sustainable

The coffee chain has several links that all contribute to the production of a great cup of coffee. This starts on the plantation where the coffee beans grow and ends in the roastery where the green coffee beans are roasted. Precisely because there are multiple links, it is all the more important that there is consideration for people, planet and environment.

Conscious cultivation, production and enjoyment are therefore important terms when it comes to coffee. By striving for sustainability and responsibility throughout the chain, we contribute to a fair and future-proof coffee chain.


Coffee roastery

Artisanal coffee roastery since 1784

Since 1784, Beukenhorst has been roasting the finest coffee beans in our own coffee roasting facility. By roasting the coffee beans ourselves, we control both the taste and quality of the coffee. As a result, we know exactly what it takes to serve the tastiest cup of coffee. This process begins with testing different types of coffee beans and is a common thread throughout the entire production process.

Only when the coffee beans meet our standards are they used in our blends. The right blends are carefully roasted according to the slow-roasting method so that all the flavors and aromas of the coffee beans can be tasted at their best.


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Our advisors are at your service

Do you have a question about Beukenhorst Coffee or would you like to get in touch with one of our coffee specialists? Beukenhorst will provide a full-service solution so that you can taste the flavor of really good coffee.