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Coffee roastery

Artisanal coffee roastery since 1784

In Beukenhorst's traditional coffee roastery, coffee has been roasted in the traditional way since 1784. In our coffee roastery, the coffee beans are roasted with care, attention and knowledge into the characteristic Beukenhorst blends that you drink at work, in the hospitality industry or at home. By roasting the green coffee beans according to the slow-roasting technique, all aromas are released optimally and you can taste our knowledge and attention in your cup of coffee.

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Since 1784

One of Holland's oldest coffee roasters

The history of our coffee roastery has its origins in 1784, when Albert Beukenhorst started a coffee roastery in Winterswijk. This makes us one of the oldest coffee roasters in the Netherlands. Through these centuries of experience, we have passed on and expanded our knowledge and skills in the field of coffee from generation to generation. This knowledge, craft and tradition form the basis for the roasting process of our pure coffees.

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Our authentic process for pure coffee with class

Before the coffee ends up in your cup, an artisanal roasting process precedes it. In fact, before the green coffee beans are purchased, a sample is roasted and evaluated for taste, aroma, color and quality. If these green coffee beans meet our high standards, the green coffee beans are purchased and transported to our coffee roastery. By first testing the samples and only then purchasing the coffee beans on a larger scale, consistent quality is guaranteed.

The purchased green coffee beans are brought to our coffee roastery in jute bags. The green coffee beans are then roasted in a drum roaster according to the traditional slow-roasting method. This means that the coffee beans are not roasted quickly and en masse, but slowly and at temperatures that are not too high, so that all the flavors and aromas can be released properly. What's more, our master roasters meticulously track the roasting process so that our signature flavors can be found in every blend.

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Working with the best coffee beans

Beukenhorst's blends are roasted in our own coffee roastery. Premium Arabica coffee beans in particular are used for this purpose because they have a full yet mild taste. Because Arabica beans are grown on higher plantations, this type of bean benefits from favorable weather conditions. Last but not least, by choosing high-quality Arabica coffee beans, coffee farmers receive a fair price for their beans. This in turn gives them more opportunities to invest in making their coffee plantations more sustainable.

In addition, Arabica are very suitable for coffee machines because they are less greasy than Robusta beans and thus do not leave a lot of grease in your machine or grinder. This obviously prolongs the life of the machine, again contributing to a more sustainable planet.

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Finding the perfect blends

Worldwide, Arabica coffee beans are the most widely consumed, because they have an aromatic yet fresh taste. Most of Beukenhorst's blends therefore consist of 100% Arabica beans. Yet a blend is not created by simply mixing different types of coffee beans. Before a blend is roasted in our coffee roastery, it undergoes a meticulous tasting process.

From a maximum of four or five Arabica varieties, a balanced blend is created, in which the flavors and aromas of the different varieties can optimally come to the fore. Naturally, not everyone has the same taste, which is precisely why we offer different blends. For example, our Mondrian dark-roasted is roasted shorter and at higher temperatures, giving it a spicier taste.

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Then and now

Roasting with authenticity, craft and modern techniques

Because coffee has been roasted in our coffee roastery since 1784, we have centuries of experience and expertise. By applying the slow-roasting method, our roasting masters can not only closely follow the roasting process, but also allow the coffee beans to optimally develop their flavors and aromas. As a result, we preserve the original slightly sweet and fresh character of the coffee beans and you enjoy a flavorful cup of coffee.

However, coffee roasting is not only a matter of experience and knowledge, but the techniques involved are also of great importance. By investing in modern techniques, our processes are not only made more sustainable, but we can also get the best out of the coffee beans. For example, by investing in high-quality packaging, as little light and oxygen as possible reach the coffee beans, so they retain their flavor.