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WMF coffee machines for the office

WMF coffee machines and Beukenhorst Coffee make it very easy. Coffee supplier Beukenhorst is the right choice for professional coffee machines and the best coffee at the office and for work.

  • Easily create a real espresso of cappuccino at work
  • Maintenance and service by the technical service of WMF
  • Always the best coffee beans

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Without good coffee it's not worth working there! For each company, we serve the best solution. As an independent supplier of coffee machines for work, we take into account your specific needs. We customize!

Choice of 3 quality brands

Beukenhorst offers you the choice of three different brands. All three are 100% Arabica blends, but differ in character and flavor. Each brand has its own identity through its unique service and matching accessories such as drip catchers, sugar sticks and milk cups. You decide which brand is best for your business.

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